Friday, February 22, 2013


Sis and I are struggling through this, aching knees (hers), ankles (mine), backs (both of us) and other assorted things slow us down but we keep going. Well, we go for 2 or 3 days then take a "rest" day. Over the course of time we have learned we won't get ahead by pushing harder, we will just end up in worse shape than when we started. 

The appearance of "Winter Storm Q" didn't help us any, and while I certainly understand naming winter storms, I wonder why they are using letters instead of names. But oh well. This morning Sis and I wandered out to the car and were a bit surprised to find Abe wearing a coat of ice. A rather thick coat of ice. I thought longingly of the can of de-icer and the ice scrapers in the now iced-over trunk.But oh well, little good that does me now. I went to the drivers side, cracked enough ice to get to the keyless entry pad and unlocked the door. We turned the defroster on "High" and I surveyed the inside of the car for something I could press into service as an ice scraper. I finally decided to use the trash container and it worked pretty good.

We finally got to the house and got a few things done when we realized neither of us were moving too well so we knocked off early, went to the grocery store and came home.

The cable box suddenly decided to stop responding to the remote and since the box had no buttons on it (why not?) I checked out the remote batteries. They were fine so Sis unplugged the box, waited a couple minutes then re-plugged. The reset worked so now we are back in operation. She has now learned to access the "guide" and she's proud of her new found technical expertise.

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