Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Just A Bit Of An Update

The rains we have had thus far has put us more than 13 inches ahead of "normal" for the year - it seems to rain ALL the time! But that's not a complaint - our yard has managed to bloom in ways I could only imagine. It has been beautiful.

Progress has been made on the attic room. Slow progress, but progress none the less. I would LOVE to see it finished - at least enough for us to make a move to - before school starts so David can move into his (currently our) room. The guys have part of the plywood for the floor down, the insulation has been purchased, the paneling has been purchased, the wiring and plumbing has been purchased.... now the thing missing is... energy! Of the human kind. But we will get there.

For the past couple of weeks my fibromyalgia has flared and I am having a hard time just walking around. I missed church last week, then yesterday I did not have coffee - it slipped my mind I guess because I just wasn't up to getting into the kitchen all day - and today I am on the leading edge of a migraine. Then this morning I had my telephone pacemaker check and I couldn't get a reading with the magnet on the pacer so we have to make a trip to Springfield on Friday for them to check it.