Monday, February 8, 2010

There's a trick to it...

Once again I ended up on an airplane with the dreaded task of fastening my seat belt. At least I wasn't alone in the task - my sister was along this time instead of my skinny husband.

We had seen the flight attendant walk past us once - she appeared to be glaring and gritting her teeth so we were doing our best to not ask for such a thing.

Fortunately, we had managed to get on the side of the plane with only 2 seats instead of the side with 3 seats - I dearly hate to be stuck in a middle seat but I can stand it for the 2 hour flight to Phoenix.

I knew there was a trick to fastening the seat belt, but for the life of me, while I was struggling, I couldn't remember it for a while. Then it hit me.

You brace your feet on the legs of the seat ahead of you, use the leverage to push your hind end as far back in your seat as you can, and the seat belt clicks! Needless to say, I really had no use for the "How to tighten your belt" instructions from the flight attendant, but I watched attentively anyway.

Every time I fly on Allegiant I get tickled at the instructions to "return your seat to the upright position". The seats do not recline. Maybe old habits die hard.

Certainly not knocking Allegiant - their rates are reasonable - or as reasonable as anything can be in this economy - and it is great to have an airline willing to take on the smaller market of Springfield-Branson.

As for the security measures at the airport nowdays, well, I have to get a "pat down" search anyway so I found nothing new. But as I put my belongings in the bin to go through x-ray and pulled out my little zip-lock bag of liquids, the TSA guy held it up and pointed... "Hey! First one today to get this right!" Apparently folks have started to slip up on that rule? Oh well. If so, shame on them! It isn't like anyone is asking THAT much out of you, just bag the bottles!

As for the pat down itself, well, let's just say - the second one (return flight) actually felt my pacemaker and asked what that was.... A bit surprising since my doctor sometimes can't even feel it! Oh well.

I sure enjoyed the Phoenix weather - dry and in the 70's. Then I had to return to the Missouri snow and cold.

At least when I returned the new window had been installed in the back wall. The cats and I once again are able to enjoy Bird-O-Vision.