Friday, May 16, 2014

Today would have been Mom's 84th birthday. In her honor, my sisters and I eat Hershey with almond bars because they were Mom's favorite. Happy Birthday Mom! 

I hope your spirit visits and watches over your grandchildren and great grandchildren, you are missed and I really pray you are proud of them; they are children to be proud of. 

Speaking of grandchildren, I recently ordered a book for grandmas to fill out with memories for their grandchildren. As I was looking through the various books I was reading reviews and noticed several people complaining about how to fill out the books regarding "Where did I first meet your grandpa?" and questions of that nature. Personally, even though grandpa and I are divorced I believe the grandchild needs to know where I met grandpa, our first date and such. While we are no longer together the child needs to know her father was conceived and born in a deeply loving relationship. 

I am sure that somewhere in the world there is a publisher who is marketing a book about "My Many Times Divorced Family Tree" or "My Family Tree Became a Weed" or something like that but I feel like my grandchildren deserve to know their family history told in a traditional manner without the extra forks.