Sunday, June 23, 2013

Cat "Nipped"

Early this morning I was turning over in bed, Hector snuggled to my back, and I started to turn over. Hector got up, purring and sitting to one side like he does. I repositioned myself and reached to give him a scratch under the chin and he BIT me! I tried to pull my hand out and he clamped harder, I was yelling but Hubby snoozed peacefully. Finally I had to reach into the kitty's mouth and pry apart his jaws to get my hand loose.

I could feel blood running down my hand so I got up, went to the sink and turned the light on. Light coming on woke up Hubby. He said "4:39?" I felt woozy so I sat down in the handiest place, the toilet. Next thing I know I was wondering why Rick's nail clippers were on the floor and why was I looking at them so closely.

Rick, in his great wisdom, told me I had passed out. 

He then wondered why I was up in the first place. Still woozy, I told him the cat had bitten me. Poor Hubby got out of bed and saw large amounts of blood everywhere - I really mean everywhere! I have a great deal of respect for the anticoagulation properties of Plavix.
Thinking back, it was June 22, 2011 when I tumbled down the stairs and broke both ankles. Perhaps I need to invest in bubble wrap every June.

So. Before 5am today I had been bitten by the cat, trailed around large amounts of blood and fell off the toilet. How is your day going?

Anyone need a barn cat?