Friday, March 1, 2013

Mud and Hot Water

We were tired, I needed to restock my daily medications so we went home. Well, we went to my house. I was also missing my Hubby and The Clowder. 

As we traveled north we saw more and more snow with about 6 inches on the ground when we arrived at home. Wet, heavy snow that had the hedges bent over. Hubby had filled the bird feeder because we feed the birds when the ground is covered. The assortment of birds had the full attention of Honey Ruth, Sis 2's chihuahua. She just couldn't get enough looking at the birds. 

We spent a couple days resting, HR watching the birds and I was petting kitties. 

Okay - not always petting, a few claws were trimmed and Hector was less-than-enthusiastic about his bath. Sis heard him protesting while I had him in the bathtub, but considering he's a 22 pound cat, if he had really wanted out he would have had the upper paw. 

I enjoyed the hot water at home. The condo had only had intermittent hot water and sometimes only a small amount of warm water. This week I insisted we do something about it because after all, I had in mind that if Sis 1 were to come in here about midnight one night and found she had no hot water she would not be happy. Well, at least I know I wouldn't be. 

Thursday morning we ate breakfast and Sis 2 and I loaded the car for a trip back to Arkansas to continue the process of moving. Mind you, we had packed lightly this time around, but I was loaded up with medications and off we went, Sis still driving my '86 Lincoln. We got almost to the end of the driveway and were stuck. The melting snow had made a mud bog out of the area between our carport and the highway. She rocked back and forth then we saw the Empire District Electric meter reader pull into the driveway next door and he hopped out of his truck and pushed us out of the mud hole. Wow.... WHERE do you find service like that anymore? 

So we journeyed on back to the condo and today a plumber came, checked the water heater, tried draining to get the calcium/lime deposits out of it but it was too stopped up so a new water heater was installed. Life will be better with hot water. 

Aren't we spoiled?      

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