Tuesday, March 12, 2013

One Last Thing

Sis 2 and I were quickly running out of gas. We both have health issues and emptying a house that had been used sometimes as storage was a task we weren't up to.

My oldest son made 2 trips to help and we made great progress on those days, but we were quickly running out of time. The date of her flight home was quickly approaching and the real estate agent was starting the listing on Tuesday so when Thursday rolled around and we could see we needed help Sis called her daughter. So we would have help from her and meantime Son called to see if we were in need of help. 

With those 2 working on the house, we were pretty much not needed. The house was done, we were ready to come to my house and Sis would have a couple days to rest before her flight. 

Son loaded his car and our car and we began our journey north. 

The journey was smooth until we were on Highway 65 coming through Springfield, MO and the right front tire blew out. Sis was afraid she had blown up another car but I quickly assured her it was just a tire. 

I called Roadside Assistance yet again. The operator kept telling me I was on I-55. I would tell him no, I am on Highway 65, at the Sunshine Street exit, in Springfield, MO.

"I-55, what mile marker?"

I got out of the car and looked at the mile marker to tell him the number.

"Okay, I will call our provider in that area. I will place you on hold for just a minute."

He was soon back. "Where would you like to be towed to?" 

"Sam's Club". I mean, from the corner of Highway 65 and Sunshine in Springfield MO, I can almost throw a rock and hit it.

Operator came back a few minutes later and told me I was at I-55 and Valley Vista. Their service provider told him there was no Sam's club in the area.

"Okay, can they tow us to a Wal-Mart?" I was seriously wondering where this guy thought we were. 

A few minutes later, "I'm sorry ma'am, the nearest Wal-Mart is 30 miles away". 

HA!! Now I knew he had no idea where we were. 

"Okay, I am NOT on I-55, I don't know where you think I am! What town do you have me in?"

"New Madrid, MO, ma'am."

Okay, I am In SPRINGFIELD, MISSOURI. I am on HIGHWAY 65 and SUNSHINE and I can see the SIGN FOR SAM"S CLUB!" 

He was silent for about ten seconds then he placed me on hold for about 30 seconds. When he came back, he gave me the name and number for our tow operator.

I sent hubby a text. The battery was running low on my phone and I didn't want to do any conversations. 

My text: "We have blown out a tire in Springfield. Tow truck coming. We will go to Sam's and get a new tire."

Hubby's answer: "Hate it when that happens. U might pick up some tater salad, sandwich thins, cream and whatever."

Sis and I were rolling laughing. What husband hears his wife had a blow-out and sends a grocery list?? 

We were still laughing when the tow truck arrived, this one had an added bonus - running boards! Yaayy! We both climbed into the truck with no problem this time. 

He took us around the corner to Sam's and we went inside. 

Honey Ruth was wrapped in a blanket and since for lunch we had both downed a quart of sweet tea, we both headed for the ladies' room. Adjoining stalls and we handed the Honey Ruth under the stall walls as we finished. 

Then back across the store to check on the Lincoln. The Tire manager told us we had set a record. It was the first time they had seen a car with tires 4 different sizes. Sis told them to match the size of the other front tire. 

I walked back through the store and bought groceries, as usual, Sam's had us back on the road in short order and the last 35 miles home were uneventful

I was SO very happy to see Hubby and my kitty cats. 

My goal had been to help Sis 2 get her house on the market so she could make the much needed move to Arizona.                          

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Billl said...

'Bout time we heard from yas! You really do need to write a book! :)