Saturday, March 16, 2013


Yes, Home. I love being at home. In spite of what some people think, I like a boring life. But sometimes Life stands in the way of boring.

Ideally I would be here reading and napping most of the time and cooking wonderful meals for my Hubby, but since I can't stand for very long these days the wonderful meals are done in stages on the rare occasions they happen. 

You might see 10 pounds of ground beef and onions cooked and stored in the freezer portioned in ziploc bags. In that stage they are ready for chili or Hamburger Helper or anything for which we want or need to use it. 

Sometimes I will boil a couple of chickens, remove the skin and bones and portion the chicken and broth then freeze it just in case I need to quickly put a meal on the table. 

I always try to deliver a meal when there is a death in the church because the relatives will sometimes descend on a family and no one thinks about the people in the family who really need to eat. A casserole, bread, salad and hot dogs and buns for the kids. You can't forget the kids. Hubby and I fondly remember a lady we lost from our congregation a few years ago, she was convinced the meal wasn't done until there was a plate of weiners on the table. 

Okay. I'll admit. I must have mashed potatoes on the table. With real butter on top. Hubby must have gravy. 

A while back I asked my son to please cook some chicken and he asked, "Who died?" Really, I just wanted some chicken and dumplings. 

I strain my chicken broth, After I finish boiling and removing the bones and skin I strain my chicken broth through a wire strainer before adding it back to the chicken meat. I then let it cool and spend a few hours in the fridge so I can remove the fat from the top.

Well, darn it, now I'm hungry! 

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