Friday, November 23, 2012

Here it is, almost the end of November and I have totally neglected my blog. 

(Look Bill!! I am updating my blog!)

It has been a busy year; my Sissy moved from Arkansas to Arizona, our oldest son came home, we have taken in a new cat and I am still recovering from the broken ankles and foot from fainting on the stairs. 

Sissy's move wasn't traumatizing, she took her dog and a few clothes and will finish with her house/put it on the market later. Now both of my sisters are out West in the near-constant sunshine. I am not a sun worshiper so I can go visit them once or twice a year. Our dad is still in Arkansas so it isn't too bad for me to make a trip to check on him if the need arises. 

So since Sissy and I were traveling by car to Arizona we stopped when we wanted and looked at the sights. Our 3 day trip quickly turned in to a 5 day trip, leaving our family asking "will they EVER get to Arizona?" But even after we got there we had to spend one more night on the road and spend the night at the "Wigwam Motel" in Holbrook, AZ.

 Sis said the Wigwam Motel was on her "Bucket List". We had a nice time there - unlike Oprah we thought the sheets were fine

I had a great time and on the way back home a wonderful thing happened. When I boarded the airplane my seat belt fit me! Yes, I did not need an extension this time and there was even a little left over to "tighten"! YAAY!!! Hey, that might not mean much to some of you, but to me that was a great thing! 

I have lost 25 pounds and I an working on maintaining that loss for a while then will make another try at losing the next increment. Somehow, I'm afraid of losing a lot and putting it right back on.

Weight - at the beginning of our lives we struggle to put it on, at the end we struggle to get rid of it. 

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