Monday, November 26, 2012

Monday, Monday

Ah Monday, inescapable Monday. No matter what it rolls around every week. 

When I was working I would get to work early on Mondays to get everything done I possibly could before the clinic opened because I always anticipated a flood of calls. I always thought my reasoning was solid: Everyone knows they will become ill over the weekend then call their doctor on Monday morning needing to be seen, needing an excuse to not go to work that day or they ran out of their prescription Saturday night

Usually these onslaughts did not appear, but sometimes we were overwhelmed. 

Today I was on the 3rd day of a headache so I called my neurologist office. His nurse called me back needing the records from my visit to a neuro-opthamologist I had seen back in September. She claimed I would have to make the call myself because she could not make the request. I have a letter stating the records had already been sent but - who am I? Only the patient, what do I know? 

I called the neuro-opthamologist office and was transferred to their records department where I was then told that only my referring doctor (that would be my neurologist) could get the record. So I called the neuro office again and left a voice mail. Will I get an answer? Probably not, but at least I tried. I suppose I will continue to pack my head in microwaved rice bags until it explodes or the headache wears off. 

But then again, the headache might only be another symptom of "Mondayitis".   

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