Thursday, March 8, 2012

Making Adjustments

I have discovered that even eating Jello after 4pm is too much. Probably because I can't eat sugar-free Jello, just the regular. I assume the regular Jello has too much sugar in it to allow me to lose weight. But that is fine, I will stick to water, tea, bullion or coffee after 4. Although, with coffee I have to have half and half. Hmmm... Maybe just once in a blue moon? Well, I'll reserve it for special occasions.

But at least I don't have the bad cravings and the hunger pangs aren't bad so I can do this.


emilebklein said...

I work for the NPR program Snap Judgement and am very interested in speaking to you about the 19 year old boy you were helping who lived "off the grid". If a story comes of it and airs I'll make sure you are thanks on the air and linked on the website. PLease contact me ASAP.

Many thanks! Keep filling the pages-


Auntie Gayla said...

Emile, I have no way to reach you.