Thursday, August 8, 2013

Mimosa Hill in August

Yes, it is August, normally a time of 100 + degree weather and high humidity. We have certainly ventured to the 90 degree territory a few times, but mainly we have had rain. A lot of rain. 

 It isn't like we don't need the rain after the droughts of the last years, and I am praying the water tables of the area rise, but the previously unheard of flooding is quite a problem.

Granted, I have been to the affected towns and remember thinking"Gee, it would flood here quite easily." Then I wonder why people would build on a flood plain. Do those words "flood plain" mean nothing? Have these people never heard of "100 year floods"? I wonder.

I see trailer parks and subdivisions perched on a riverbank and wonder who in the world thought that was a good idea? 

Buy a permit from the county or city to build on a flood plain? The same people will be begging for government help to rebuild after the flood comes. It's even worse than being uninsured and assuming the hospital is at fault for charging huge prices. 

So the lawn is impossible to mow with all the water but that's okay, the tomatoes don't need to be watered and the Naked Lady lilies are lovely. 

I'm glad Mimosa Hill is actually on a hill!


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