Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Kidney Stones and Waffle Cones

The pain started last Thursday. It was in my right abdomen and was pretty excruciating. I figured it was constipation - people taking hydrocodone have that problem and last week was pretty rough so a bit of being "bound up" was to be expected so I used my nursing knowledge to take care of it. 

I won't go into details but let's say I knew I was unbound.

Finally, yesterday I called and got an appointment today with a very nice Physician's Assistant. First thing she inquired about was constipation. I discussed all of the measures I had taken at home and after an exam she sent me for x-rays and blood work. X-rays showed a couple of possible kidney stones and a clean bowel. We had to stay in town while waiting for blood work, it was kind of still kidney stone vs pancreatitis. No pancreatitis, I was released to eat - I had spent a great deal of the day fasting in case it was pancreatitis. 

Hubby asked me what I wanted to eat - I had been really hungry for a Sonic "Waffle Cone Sundae" but he's kinda cheap so he had been refusing to get me one but today he turned in to the Sonic drive and I finally got one! It was the Reese's cup flavor and it was great! Hubby got a bacon cheeseburger and said it was great.

So now I am at home doing nothing but waiting (ow) for a (ow) kidney stone (ow) to pass. 

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Where you hiding?