Thursday, April 10, 2008

Some things

just don't make sense.

Take, for example, fast food restaurants.

A few days ago Hubby and I went to Dairy Queen. What, I ask you, is THE main item Dairy Queen sells? ICE CREAM!

Not exactly a diet food. But Hubby and I went there for breakfast. He placed our order then went to a booth - I was lagging behind because I stopped to fill my coffee cup, then I went to join him.

THIS is where one of my greatest pet peeves comes in. I cannot fit into the booth. Okay. I will fit, kind of. It is a squeeze and my tummy is rubbing against and hanging over the table top which makes me think I do not fit.

Okay. I do call myself "Fat Lady".... and I'm not trying to hide the fact I am a fat lady. But let's be realistic - at 270 pounds I am far from being the largest woman around. Indeed - at a size 24 jeans, MY 270 is rather... well.... trim.

I mean, I know other large ladies who weigh in at 250 and wear a 34 or so.... (Uhmmm.... I wonder if they go to Dairy Queen?)

I don't want to pick just on Dairy Queen, I mean, I have the same problem at Hardee's, McDonalds, Wendy's (but I must say, the Wendy's I have been in have far more table and chair set-ups than booths).

So are they trying to, maybe "help" us? Are they sending a message?

"If you no longer fit in the booth, you aren't welcome"....

Hmmm..... And Hubby wonders why I usually want to take the food to go or eat in the car!

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