Thursday, April 17, 2008

Electronic Meltdown

No, not just today. I saw the signs well ahead of time and it is just now catching up with me.

It started a few weeks ago with, of all things, my sewing machine. The Singer my ex-husband begrudgingly bought for me at Wal-Mart in 1996. The bobbin case broke and when I took things apart I saw the nylon gears were worn and pretty much stripped so not worth the effort/cost to repair.

Then Roomba went nuts... Poor Roomba. The faithful little vacuuming robot that keeps the living room and hallway free of the worst of the Hector hair. It now goes just a few feet before playing the "I'm full" song. Not to be confused with the "I'm stuck" song or the "my battery is low" song. I have cleaned Roomba inside and out. Poor baby.... Maybe it's an "I'm tired of cat hair" song.

Well, the last straw came Wednesday when I discovered I could not send out e-mail. I mean, really!!!!

For me, that's serious stuff. It's the way I stay in touch with my friends and family. By yesterday the condition had turned serious enough that both sisters actually called me.

I hoped, really hoped, the situation would fix itself - that maybe one of the squirrels running on the wheel that makes my computer run was back from vacation or whatever the problem was. But at 4am I turned on Toshi the Toshiba and sure enough, my e-mail still would not send. It kept sending me a "message undeliverable" note. Not really a note - an annoying e-mail.

So, I called Centurytel. As much as I hated to, I did it. I expected to spend at least an hour on the phone,but the problem was taken care of quit quickly. YAAY!!! Now I'm back in business. The techs there that I have dealt with have been very nice.

As to the sewing machine and Roomba, I am debating. The sewing machine might not get replaced. Roomba.... Well... I'll think a while longer on that one!


Anonymous said...

I loved your blog.

Auntie Gayla said...

Thank you!!