Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Still going down

Which I find amazing; 279 today - YAY!

On Jan 1 Hubby and I both went on The Abs Diet - but a couple days into it he was staying the same and I was (hee hee!) losing so he went back to Adkins. He has now lost 4 pounds.

Hector the cat has lost 6. Hmm... Probably due to my giving up (*sob*) half and half in my coffee! As you can see - poor Hector isn't too happy about this weight loss business.
Coffee without half and half is sad. Okay - in years past I have convinced myself it is better... but not really! So, many times now I drink tea. It so happens I bought myself a pretty teapot at a yard sale a while back - now I actually use it.
So I have cut out half and half, I no longer eat potato chips by the bowls every night while I watch TV, I no longer eat huge bowls of ice cream - but I DO still eat ice cream. Full fat, full sugar, real-thing ice cream - just not as much or as often.
I eat brown rice, oatmeal, sliced almonds, whole wheat anything-I-can-get-my-hands-on.
This IS, most definitely a lifestyle change. It is doing what I knew was right all along but just didn't want to do.
High fructose corn sweeteners - a lot of cautions in this book about this insidious ingredient which seems to be everywhere in our food. Even in the spaghetti sauce I have been using!
Well, okay. I now do a lot of my food shopping in the nearby Amish Bulk Store. That's okay, the Miller family are all very nice people!

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