Saturday, April 4, 2009

Times Are Tough ALL Over

I can especially see it in the thrift stores the last few times we have been in them.

Usually when we got to Springfield we visit a few. Sometimes looking for something specific, sometimes just to see what they have.

Yesterday we were in one of our favorites for Hubby to look at some jeans. I wandered around to see what they had - I'm nosy...

I spotted a great-looking Targus laptop case - black leather, many compartments - it was marked $2.59 and I was opening each compartment to check it out. As I opened one of the Velcro compartments with a "RRRIIIPPPP!!" this elderly gentleman (I use that term loosely!) stepped around the corner and announced "THAT is MINE!! I SAW IT!!" and he grabbed it out of my hands. "MY projector fits right here and my laptop goes right here!" And off he went. Proudly carrying the wonderful bag.

Well, perhaps I should have stood my ground. On the other hand, if he wanted it bad enough to snatch it from my hands I would have felt pretty stupid wrestling an old man to the floor right in the Thrift Store For The Blind.

And I probably had 175 pounds on the guy.

Okay - maybe he wasn't too sharp...

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Anonymous said...

Wow! That is ridiculous!