Tuesday, March 17, 2009

He's Obviously from Washington

Today I got a bill from Aetna for my Medicare Part D plan. $29.10 per month was supposed to be deducted from my Social Security check each month to cover the premium but somehow Aetna missed the boat and now sends me a bill for $116 and change - they thoughtfully, no doubt for my convenience, added on the April premium too.

So I called them to find out why the premium was not being deducted. They said I had not signed up for it and I asked if I could do so. No, not until I have a zero balance; but I was welcome to make a partial payment and the young man let me know how terribly generous they were....

Aetna: We also can deduct from your bank account so it won't come out of your Social Security.

Me: The only income we have in this house is from Social Security, so, ultimately it will come out of my Social Security.

Aetna: You could also put it on your credit card, that way, it won't affect your bank account either!

Me: Well, even if I put it on a credit card, it would still come out of my Social Security.

By now, it was getting a bit entertaining so I carried the phone in to Hubby's computer room so he could enjoy too....

Aetna: Oh, no! No, ma'am... if it was put on a credit card or deducted from your bank account it has absolutely no bearing on any money you get from Social Security.

Me: Okay, Social Security is the only income we have so any way I go about it - it will come from Social Security.

Aetna: No, absolutely not!

Me: You're from Washington, aren't you?

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Michele Williams said...

Oh I love it!!! So true! LOL... so frustrating ... but true...