Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Gray and rainy

But its better than snow - or worse yet, sleet!

Our furnace is acting up - it keeps blowing cold air. We had it installed in 2005 so I would think it would still be under warranty. The HVAC guy says it is a "rollout switch"?? (rollover?? durn if I know!!) anyway, Hubby has to turn off the breaker then go into the attic and re-start the whole thing later. HVAC guy came and did something to it, and said if it keeps misbehaving he will order a new switch. Needless to say, he HAS been called to get a new switch!

Good thing we kept the infrared propane heater in here when we had the central heat put in. We would have been in trouble a few times.

December 23, 7pm our HopeKeepers group is having a "footwashing" again. Last year a good time was had by all - and soft, smooth feet reigned throughout the Lindley Christian Church. Anyone who thinks they are interested in attending - drop me a line!

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