Thursday, September 11, 2008

6 Years

Since I last worked. I went to work that day determined to at least stay until 1pm, because we were having a memorial prayer service for the victims of 9/11 at noon. But by 10 am it was obvious I could no longer sit up, much less walk to the service then stand for it, so I had to call Hubby to come get me.

It has been a long 6 years - mostly frustrating - but I feel like things are settling down a bit.

Now I am working on a book about Hubby's plane crash and his life with a head injury. It is coming together slowly, and it might take me a couple years - but I hope not.

6 years. It seems like a lifetime ago I was a working, productive person. I have times when I feel like I'm useless, but then I think about what I CAN do. I participated in a clinical trial for a new drug earlier this year, I lead a support group for people with chronic pain and illness, I have been doing pilot studies for Continuing Education Units for a company who makes CEU's for health care professionals. I help people with Medicare Part D problems - and really, any medical insurance problem that requires an appeal.

Maybe I'm not in the "corporate" world anymore. But I'm here!

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